Plant Engineering

Tiem Impianti of Porcia has been a landmark throughout the province of Pordenone for the last 40 years. Regarding plant engineering and construction works, everything is built according to current standards of safety and quality.

There are many large companies that rely on this company in Porcia. These companies include: the USAF Military Base in Aviano, Snaidero Rino Spa, Claber Spa and local public administrations. Tiem designs and develops systems for all those places.

Before starting designing, we analyse every aspect to meet our clients' needs.

Types of systems

What is it about the business activity for civil and industrial systems? Execution, maintenance and repair of:

- Production plants, transport, distribution and utilisation of electrical energy;

- Installations for producing alternative energy;

- Photovoltaic systems;

- Electrical, telephone, radio systems;

- Medium and low voltage lines;

- External illumination systems;

- Public lighting systems;

- Systems for protecting against fire and lightning;

- Development of electrical panels for power distribution and automation;

- Heating and air conditioning using liquid fluids, aerial and gaseous systems;

- and of any other type;

- Plumbing;

- Systems for irrigating, usage, accumulation and consumption of water inside buildings from

  the entry point of the utility company;

- Systems for irrigating and usage of gas in both liquid and gaseous states from the building's entry point;

How to reach us

Take the A28 towards Portogruaro, then exit at Fontanafredda.

Enter Via Bodegan, turn right onto Via Pieve, continue on Via S. Rocco and turn left into Via Luigi Galvani.

Lastly, take the first road on your right (Via Evangelista Torricelli). Visit us at number 12!